Oakland Berkeley Auto Body

Master Auto Body Tech

Posted 08-21-2015

Job Description

  • Inspect damaged vehicle and plan repair process
  • Repair or replace damaged sheet metal and structural components as required
  • Expertly file, grind and sand repaired surfaces using either power and hand tools
  • Setup and apply a computer-controlled frame-machine for single and multi-point pulls
  • Perform highest quality repairs while ensuring KPIs such as cycle time and labor hours/day are met
  • Effectively mentor and direct the work of an apprentice


  • Welding certification required (both MIG and inverter resistance spot weld
  • I-CAR certification highly desirable
  • Trained in the application of manufacturer’s products such as sealants, fillers and plastic-repair compounds
  • Committed to continuing safety and technical education
  • 5 years on-the-job experience (or equivalent)

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