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How to Document an Auto Accident

You Got In An Auto Collision, Now What?

Oakland auto collision centerBefore you call various auto body shops for estimates for collision repair, spend time documenting your crash. Evidence that you collect at the scene (and shortly afterwards) can be essential, if you want to make an insurance claim and/or pursue legal action to obtain compensation for injuries or damages sustained in the crash. Here are some tips about how and what to document.

First of all, collect as much information as possible. Write down the names and contact information of all drivers and witnesses to the crash. Collect police reports and any medical records that you get from the ER or from your personal physician. Take photographs of the scene of the auto collision from many different angles. Snap pictures of damage done to your vehicle as well as any injuries. Also photograph things like a fallen tree branch or poor signage – anything that you think might vaguely be helpful in constructing a legal case or an insurance case.

If you can’t collect info because you’re hurt, deputize someone else at the scene (or a friend or family member who arrives on the scene afterwards) to do this work for you.

Avoid relying on memory – your memory or the memory of witnesses. Get everything down on paper as soon as possible. Note the time of the accident, the speed that you were driving and any thoughts that you had during or after the crash. Likewise, if you can record a witness’s testimony through a digital device or written record, do so. Human memory can be unreliable, and witness testimony degrades in terms of evidentiary value pretty quickly after a crash.

Talk to an attorney as soon as possible about your potential options to preserve/use the evidence that you have collected to the best effect.

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