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BMW Deploys Over 500 Electric Cars For Ride-Sharing Program

BMW is progressing in leaps and bounds with their electric vehicle offerings in not only the United States but also worldwide. The company has made it clear that electric vehicles are one of its main focuses and plan to invest heavily in its development in the coming future. The German automaker recently announced that its joint ride sharing platform would get an overhaul as they plan to bring many more electric vehicles onto the streets.

What does it mean for the brand and industry as a whole? We are all hoping the move will further the goal of attaining a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

BMW’s future plans

In its massive scale electrification project, BMW intends to put a greater number of vehicles directly into their DriveNow platform. This is a ride sharing partnership that the German auto manufacturer and European rental car service, Sixt, jointly invested in since 2011. So far, the service has grown to include a fleet of nearly 5,100 electric, gasoline, and diesel vehicles.

With the company’s new move, we can expect the car offerings to increase by almost 11% and produce much more electric vehicles within their fleet. 2015 was the last time BMW released a large number of cars for DriveNow with 400 i3 EVs. They are determined to overtake the car-sharing platform by releasing another 400 fully electric cars and 150 plug-in hybrid vehicles by the end of 2019.

This is likely to mean that the existing fleet of 560 vehicles will double, making it the highest number of electric vehicles operating in a particular city. The company also intends to have a total number of 1150 charging stations, which provides electric car owners plenty of options to recharge.

The German automaker is also heavily investing in electronic charging throughout the US to prepare for the future infrastructure needs. Now, it only remains to be seen how much of the enterprise’s vision turns into reality.

When can we see the new vehicles launch?

Since electric vehicle sharing is gaining traction fast, it is likely that we may get a glimpse of the future environmentally friendly models in upcoming BMW auto shows. Companies like Ford are trying to adopt this idea by allowing users to test drive various electric models. Unfortunately, not everyone will get an opportunity to do so.

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