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Car Technologies That Will Drive the Future


self-driving-car-technologyAuto technology is advancing at a rapid pace and so far, has been one of the world’s most innovative industries. As manufacturers continually push the boundaries of technological advancements, we are left in awe of all the new possibilities getting ready to welcome us. From the introduction of self-driving cars, to research on new energy sources, the future certainly looks bright for auto enthusiasts. What are the features that we are most interested in? Keep on reading to uncover the most awaited car technologies of the future.

  1. A “computerized” dashboard

By computerized we don’t mean automatic, but rather dashboards functioning like computers. In the near future, dashboards will likely have full portable computer functionality. Dashboards will no longer be restricted to providing navigation, parking sensors, Bluetooth control, etc. In fact, some of the top luxury car manufacturers are now beginning to experiment with technology to change the way we interact with our vehicles.

  1. Nuclear-powered car

The idea of nuclear energy powering a vehicle was first brought into the limelight by Ford in 1957. Even though research would not be continued due to the lack of resources required to build a working prototype, recent technological innovation is bringing a lot of potential. Specifically, the BMW Hydrogen 7, being a dual fuel vehicle, is one such prototype that uses liquid hydrogen as a fuel source alongside gasoline.

  1. Collisions avoidance system

While there are collision control systems available today, research in car safety is expanding, and so is its technology. This is one such technology that will improve overall road safety by minimizing the risks of auto collisions between cars. From automatic braking, to alerts when cars are in your blindspot, many new collision avoidance systems are coming into the roads.

  1. Flying cars using Air-Driven technology

You might not need to wait that much longer for the Jetsons-inspired flying cars. Believe it or not, mass-produced flying cars are not so far off from reality. Prototypes such as the Airphibian Arrowbile and Avrocar Corvair Car have shown a lot of promise. However, these types of vehicles will only become available to the masses when adequate financial and technological resources are expended for research and development. As such, their safety and functionality must be guaranteed.

  1. Self-driving technology

Today, this is one research area where all the great minds behind electric cars have made fantastic progress. Self-driving cars are currently in the works, with manufacturers like Volvo and Mercedes taking the lead. It shouldn’t be too long until you can catch up on your favorite TV show or finish the book you’ve been reading while on your way to work.

The future is now!

While we are excited to see what the future has in store, it’s important to remember that the future is already here. Just take a look around, and you’ll see tons of technological marvels evolving right before your eyes: from our state-of-the-art Berkeley auto body shop to the “powers that be” at major R&D centers around the world, the wheels of revolution are in motion.

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