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Is Honda Moving to Take on Tesla Motors?

Honda Clarity: Three New “Green” Electric and Hybrid Models


Photo credit: Bbqjunkie at English Wikipedia (Wikimedia Commons)

Honda has a long history in the electric/hybrid car market. Looking to re-energize its “green” automobile brand, Honda just announced an upcoming launch of three new vehicles. Many in the auto world wonder if this means that the Japanese company is preparing to take on billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors.

Honda’s three five-passenger offerings are:

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Already for sale in Japan, this car will be sold in the California market later this year. The Fuel Cell is hydrogen powered and offers a driving range in excess of 300 miles. Currently, there are few refueling options in the U.S., limiting the sellability of this design.

The Clarity Electric. Expected in 2017, the Clarity Electric has prompted much gossip in automotive-geek circles. Few details regarding the driving range of this car on a full charge have been released. It is anticipated that the Clarity Electric will have many of Honda’s traditional comforts and styling features, and it will be shipped three months before Tesla’s Model 3.

The Clarity Hybrid Plug-In. The anticipated launch is in 2017, although some analysts expect it to arrive in 2018. Honda promises that this hybrid car will have an all-electric driving range in excess of 40 miles. The gasoline-hybrid extended range mode should have exceptional mpg ratings.

Honda realizes that it needs success in the alternative fuel/hybrid markets to maintain its sales levels. Whether Honda’s newest efforts will be successful at batting away rival Tesla Motors remains to be seen.

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