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When Should You Touch Up Your Car’s Paint Job?

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Our Berkeley Auto Painting Experts Explain Why It’s Not a DIY Job

Over time, or after an accident, your car’s paint job is bound to chip or fade. However, you can restore your car’s gloss with a new paint job from an experienced auto painting shop. When it comes to repainting your car, you want to make sure that everything is done right. Unless you intend to perform minor touch-ups, it is critical that you take it to a licensed auto body shop.

Our Berkeley auto body shop discusses instances in which it’s time to touch up your car’s paint job.

When your vehicle needs more than a simple paint job
An Oakland auto painting shop has the necessary equipment and skills to handle extensive painting jobs which is not the case if you decided to use DIY touch-up kits. Besides, the damage might extend to your vehicle’s chassis, components or its body. A professional will be able to identify and correct damages beyond the vehicle’s paint.

If you want to maintain the vehicle’s value
Repainting your car is a smart way of increasing your car’s resale value. The quality of touch-up kits are not always the best, which could actually decrease your vehicle’s value. A professional is better equipped to perform any spot fixes or full-body painting jobs to safeguard the value of your vehicle whether you intend to resell it or not.

If you want to change its look
It’s possible to give your vehicle a brand new look by repainting it. This comes in handy if your car’s current color is outdated or if you simply don’t like it. However, changing the color of your car can be quite expensive.

Why you should work with an expert
A DIY paint job might not necessarily match your car’s exact color and tint. An auto painting shop will be able to professionally color-match and ensure that the paint blends seamlessly with the color of your car. Also, they will be able to offer a warranty on the paint job.

Before having your car repainted, it is vital that you evaluate whether it’s worth it or not. For instance, if the paint job will cost you more than 25% of your car’s value, it could be better to skip it altogether.

Take a Tip From a Local Auto Paint Shop

If you think it’s time to re-paint your car, head over to Shattuck Auto and Collision Center. Our trusted East Bay auto painting shop has the necessary equipment to handle even the toughest collision repair and repainting jobs. Contact us online today or call (510) 848-6281.

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