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Mercedes Commits to Hydrogen Fuel with GLC F-Cell Hybrid Vehicle

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Image Source: Christopher Scholz via https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to introduce a hydrogen-powered SUV in North America by late 2019. The German automaker made the announcement at the recently convened Frankfurt International Motor Show and described the soon-to-be SUV hybrid as the first electric vehicle powered by fuel-cell + battery powertrain or “F-Cell”.

The new car is expected to have an electric battery range of up to 30 miles and an impressive 271 miles in total hybrid mode. Mercedes will join a list of major auto manufacturers that have announced plans to move away from internal combustion engines in an effort to meet the current emission standards.

The race to create the perfect alternative fuel machines has led to automakers such as

Jaguar, Land Rover and BMW to announce plans to boost production of electric vehicles, in an effort to keep up with the likes of Volvo, Ford and Volkswagen. As carmakers compete to emerge as green-friendly brands, other reports have come up citing China (the fastest-growing car market in the world) plans to put a blanket ban on all gasoline/diesel powered vehicles.

The F-Cell will feature a 4.4kg hydrogen fuel storage tank combined with a 13.8 kilowatt/hour lithium ion battery. According to Mercedes, these two power sources will be enough to provide 147 kilowatts of thrust, and the car will be able to travel as far as 30 miles on existing battery power before using the hydrogen for increased mileage.

At full capacity, this hybrid vehicle will produce the equivalent of 197 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Top speed will be limited to 99 miles per hour, and the electric battery will get a full charge in 90 minutes. Drivers will have the option of operating the car on battery only, hydrogen only, or in hybrid mode. When driving in hybrid mode, the hydrogen will recharge the battery side.

Owners will also be able to charge the battery using a traditional plug-in, by connecting to a home wall socket or visiting a commercial charging station. This new GLC F-Cell vehicle will join several hydrogen fuel cars already operating in the U.S. such as the Toyota Mirai, Hyundai Tucson and Honda Clarity.

These vehicles are popular among a niche of passionate drivers who value the silent run, and of course, lack of emissions. But even though automakers are pouring billions into producing emission-free hybrid vehicles, the functionality of these cars is somewhat limited due to an insufficient number of hydrogen fueling stations.

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