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Most Reliable Cars Of 2018

2018 toyota prius

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These Cars Will Stay on The Road For Years

Wondering which cars of this past year are 2018’s most reliable cars? If you are looking at this past year’s best or contemplating buying a hold-over from 2018, you really can’t go wrong with these reputable, reliable, and quality vehicles:

Buick Encore
The 2018 Buick Encore is priced at less than $23k and is a distinctive and contemporary addition to the reputable Buick name.

Toyota Camry
There is a reason why you see so many Toyotas on the road, and that’s because of their reliability. The 2018 Toyota Camry, at around $23k, is sleek and streamlined. It is no surprise that the 2018 Corolla also comes highly rated at a mere $18k.

Chevrolet Sonic
Check out the 2018 Chevrolet Sonic, priced at an eye-widening $15k. This could be the year’s benchmark of affordable roominess, when it comes to cars.

Kia Rio
The 2018 Kia Rio is a lot more impressive than years’ past models. For less than $14k, this safe sedan could be yours!

Toyota Prius
If you are looking at reducing your carbon footprint, look no further than the 2018 Toyota Prius; this reliable car is a plug-in hybrid that costs around $27k, new.

Ford Escape
Ford makes the list of most reliable cars with their new 2018 Ford Escape compact SUV. This vehicle is lauded for its safety rating and is priced around $24k.

Other Honorable Mentions
This list is by no-means exclusive but includes some of the highest-rated vehicles according to consumers, auto body shops and mechanics. Some other highly-rated and reliable cars are:

  • The spacious Toyota Yaris which costs around $15k.
  • The posh Buick Enclave, which is affordable luxury at a little less than $40k.
  • The reinvented and fresh Ford Explorer priced at around $32k.
  • The reconfigured and sporty Kia Sportage listed at around $23k.

If you are buying one of these automobiles used in 2019, it always makes the most-sense to have your favorite auto body shop give it a quick once-over to ensure you are getting a reliable vehicle. Don’t let things like paint color or a little auto body work deter a great deal; talk to your Oakland auto body and auto painting experts at Shattuck Auto Collision Center.

Our Berkeley Auto Body Repair Shop Is Here To Help

Considering a new ride? Thinking about one of 2018’s most reliable cars? Before you sign on the dotted-line, talk to a Berkeley auto repair professional at Shattuck Auto, to ensure you are getting a gem when buying a used vehicle and keep your eye out for one of these highly-rated models. Contact us here anytime!

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