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The Top-Rated Hybrid and Electric Cars for 2016-2017

This Years Top Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

The growing market for hybrid and electric cars has profoundly changed the automotive industry. Carmakers around the world are expanding their catalogues to supply this new market’s demand. This is good news for consumers, but it’s also confusing for shoppers. With so many choices, how can you narrow down your options and choose the best hybrid for your needs? Both Car & Driver (C&D) and Edmunds recently named their 2016 top picks for hybrid and electric cars, and here’s what you need to know.

Best Hybrid

C&D named the Chevrolet Volt its top pick, arguing that the Volt is fun to drive and relatively inexpensive, with an MSRP range of $33,995 to $38,345. Edmunds placed the Ford Fusion Hybrid/Energi in its top spot, arguing that it is a great choice for families new to the hybrid market, since the car feels more like a traditional family sedan. The Ford Fusion Hybrid/Energi also boasts a family-friendly MSRP starting at $31,120.

Best Electric

C&D selected three cars for the editor’s choice honor: the Chevrolet Spark EV (5 stars), the Kia Soul EV (3 ½ stars) and the Volkswagen e-Golf (4 ½ stars). Edmund concurs on the Kia Soul EV since it went farther on a charge than similarly-sized and priced electric vehicles did, recharged quickly, and boasts better storage capacity than its hatchback rivals.

Entry-Luxury Electric Vehicles

Both groups agree that the BMW i3 is a remarkable vehicle. It has the sporty acceleration and handling you would expect from a BMW, while being environmentally friendly. It’s small dimensions make this the perfect urban-living vehicle.

Luxury Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

C&D editors couldn’t choose a “best” and decided on both the BMW i8 (5 stars) and the Tesla Model S (5 stars) for the top spot. Edmunds loved the Tesla Model S, which drove over 280 miles on a single charge.

Despite the minor debates, it is clear that electric and hybrid cars are winning over critics and consumers. Telsa’s Elon Musk deserves tremendous credit for forging the way and pushing both his own company and competitors to create this new generation of fun and functional EVs.

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