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Protecting the Paint on Your Car

Auto Paint and Auto Body Care Tips

Car owners and auto body professionals alike understand the importance of preserving a vehicle’s paint. This decorative and protective surface keeps cars looking their best for years, especially when owners use the right techniques to protect it.

The most important methods for protecting your auto paint include:

Auto Painting1. Keeping it waxed. Wax is an important component of keeping your vehicle’s finish fresh for as long as possible. Not only does it beautify your car in the short term, but it also provides a thin layer of protection from sand, dirt, and other elements.

2. Having quick-detail spray handy. This crucial cleaning solution, along with a microfiber cloth, should remain in your car at all times. When substances like gas, coffee, or bird soil make contact with your car, wash them off as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.

3. Washing it regularly. Regular and proper washing is the best way to remove dirt before it penetrates the finish. Rinsing before applying soap, using car wash formulations, and blotting to dry makes for an ideal car wash.

4. Dusting it off. Long-handled dusters help car owners remove accumulated dirt and grime on a daily basis, preventing the “sanding effect” these abrasive particles have on finish.

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If your car’s paint is scratched up in an auto collision, contact Shattuck Auto today for all your car body and collision repair needs. Our auto paint technicians are certified in expert color matching and paint application. Call us today: 510-848-6281.

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