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5 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Prevent An Auto Collision By Driving Safely

Prevent Auto CollisionsSadly, Bay Area auto collision and auto body shops witness brisk business in the spring months, thanks in part to the wet and windy weather that blows in from the Pacific. We may be in the midst of a drought, but how can you drive more safely when wet weather does hit? Here are 5 tips:

1. Get your car in shape for the wet weather ahead.

Are your windshield wipers intact? Are your windshields smeared or streaked? Do your headlights, taillights, and break lights all function? Are your tires inflated and rotated; and do they have a good tread depth? As the adage goes, a stitch in time says nine — doing proactive maintenance prior to rainy season can help you hedge against wet weather dangers.

2. Stay away from cruise control.

It may be easy to go on auto pilot when you’re on the freeway and driving at a steady speed. But cruise control should not be used during wet conditions, since it limits your ability to react and adapt to suddenly changing conditions.

3. Give yourself space and time.

When following other vehicles, leave an exaggerated “space cushion” between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. This process will give you a little extra time, in case you need to make an emergency maneuver, like a swerve or sudden stop. Driving slowly will also reduce the likelihood that you will hydroplane.

4. Use “wet driving safety practices” even when there’s “just a little” water on the streets.

One of the most dangerous times to drive is the first hour after it starts to rain — particularly if that rain has been preceded by a dry spell. That fresh rainwater will dredge up oil, grit, and grease that had been lying fallow on the roadway. So even if the road doesn’t look that wet, it could be dangerously slippery and greasy.

5. Steer into the skid.

You’ve heard it before, but this tip is worth repeating, since it’s non-intuitive. If you skid out, steer into the skid and avoid slamming on the brakes to maximize your control over the vehicle.

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