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Self-Driving Cars And Auto Safety

Reducing Auto Collisions With Self-Driving Cars

Auto Safety and TechnologyAfter receiving the state of California’s endorsement, Audi has begun testing self-driving cars on public roadways. Shortly after the company’s announcement, some residents welcomed the innovation while others shunned the idea and posed safety concerns. Regardless of popular opinion, self-driving cars could be here to stay.

The Evolution of Self-Driving Cars

The idea of a self-driving vehicle was first put in motion by the U.S. military decades ago, but this engineering concept didn’t become a public reality until 2005. Once researchers determined that a self-driving car could surpass 30 mph and travel farther than 150 miles, Google and self-driving car racer Sebastian Thrun formed a partnership to push the envelope of the technology.

Self-Driving Cars Are the Future

Though Audi was honored to receive the green light from the state of California to test its self-driving vehicles, Google, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota (among others) are all competing for the best overall performance. California is only the fourth state to permit self-driving cars on its public roads; it’s also the most populous and geographically diverse of the test states, so the Audi experiment should yield important feedback.

What Are the Implications?

Preliminary safety reports of Google’s self-driving car left much to be desired, but proponents of autonomous vehicles argue widespread use will have the following benefits:

  •  Reduced fuel expenses.
  •  Decreased car accident rates.
  •  Higher productivity rates.
  •  Car sharing opportunities.

The possible benefits could be profound, but self-driving cars are in the very beginning of public testing. Safety experts need more information before autonomous cars will hit the mainstream.

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