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Berkeley Auto Repair Shop Reviews 7 Safe Driving Apps

If you’ve recently been in an accident, you need a quality Berkeley auto repair shop. You also want to prevent future crashes. To that end, here’s a quick synopsis of seven highly-rated safe driving apps.

1. Safe Driver

Safe Driver

Screen shot of the Safe Driver App

Safe Driver is great for parents who want peace of mind when they hand the keys over to their teen drivers. The app monitors driving behavior and locations. It lets parents know via email or text if/when the teen speeds or commits traffic infringements. It’s a free app (the pro version is $4.99); and it’s compatible with the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

2. DriveSafe.ly Pro

This allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel while “texting.” The app reads out loud text and email messages, so that driver can stay focused on the road. Word of warning: studies suggest that “hands-free” cell phone usage may not be particularly safe. Even if you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road; when you chat or text, your mind still drifts. This fundamental distraction can cause delays in your reaction speed.

3. Key2SafeDriving

When your vehicle runs, this app automatically restricts phone use. Incoming texts get automatic replies to the effect of “I’m busy driving. Will get in touch with you later.” The app comes with a password. If a teen driver tries to bypass that password, parents will get an alert on their phones. The sophisticated system is compatible with a variety of smartphones and Blackberry devices, and each device sells for $99.95.

4. Dangers Of Distracted Driving

This app aims to scare drivers into paying attention behind the wheel. It graphically depicts how distracted drivers can wind up in “the kill zone,” and it provides learning modules to teach better driving habits.

5. Zoom Safer

This Blackberry and Windows mobile phone compatible app prevents teenagers from browsing, text messaging, emailing, and making phone calls while behind the wheel. It’s adjustable, and parents can allow certain calls to go through.

6. Text Arrest

True to its name, Text Arrest prevents drivers from getting or sending text messages or emails. As soon as the car exceeds five miles per hour, the app’s sensors identify the motion, and it kicks to gear. This app is compatible with the Android devices, and you can find both free and advanced (paid) versions.

7. Steer Clear Mobile

This free app logs your mileage, driving time and conditions to teach safe driving practices. Cool feature: Use of this app can qualify you for a discount on State Farm Insurance.

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