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Volvo Survey: Californians and New Yorkers Want Autonomous Cars

Volvo Body Shop Discusses Self-Driving Cars

Volvo Drive Me autonomous driving test car

Volvo Drive Me Autonomous Driving Test Car via Wikimedia Commons

Cool news from the automotive sector: Volvo recently partnered with other companies to pack its vehicles with autonomous auto technology. The company’s vision is compelling: to allow drivers to experience the autonomous option while retaining the choice to operate vehicles manually. To determine whether consumers will actually embrace autonomous vehicles, Volvo has conducted a worldwide online survey. Volvo’s Future of Driving survey has elicited over 50,000 responses and facilitated the largest conversation on this topic to date. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Honda Moving to Take on Tesla Motors?

Honda Clarity: Three New “Green” Electric and Hybrid Models


Photo credit: Bbqjunkie at English Wikipedia (Wikimedia Commons)

Honda has a long history in the electric/hybrid car market. Looking to re-energize its “green” automobile brand, Honda just announced an upcoming launch of three new vehicles. Many in the auto world wonder if this means that the Japanese company is preparing to take on billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors. Read the rest of this entry »

Parts Manager

Posted 08-21-2015


  • Supervise parts procurement process for a automobile collision repair facility

Job Description

  • Receive and inspect parts
  • Manage and track inventory in CCC tracking system
  • Return damaged parts
  • Track part quality of vendors and prepare quarterly quality report detailing returns and delivery times
  • Qualify vendors and prepare Approved Vendor List based on measured vendor performance


  • 3 years collision parts management experience in a DRP shop
  • Experience with CCCONE required
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Formal parts management training highly desirable
  • High school education

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Exciting 2014 Automotive Trends

East Bay Auto Body News

The auto body and auto paint industries are trend-driven. According to an Edmunds.com forecast, U.S. buyers in 2014 will get to choose from over 16.4 billion new vehicles. Plus, this year, 300,000 people will return their leases. Read the rest of this entry »