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The Safest Cars of 2019

Berkeley Auto Body Shop Discusses This Year’s Safest Vehicles


Safety is one of the key factors most car buyers consider when making their car purchase. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) releases its picks for the safest cars each year, based on rigorous tests on collision avoidance systems, crash performance, and other safety features.

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How Do Auto Collision Avoidance Systems Work?

collision avoidance systems

Advanced Tech Can Help Avoid Trips to the Auto Body Shop

Over the years, there have been tremendous leaps in the safety features installed in vehicles. These range from automatic braking systems, to front- and rear-mounted cameras and collision avoidance systems. Collision avoidance systems help vehicles detect obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, anticipate collisions, and automatically steer the vehicle away or apply the brakes.

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Step-by-Step Guide: What to Do When You’re in an Auto Collision

What to do after an Auto Accident

step-by-step guide on what to do when you get in an auto accident

If you have been involved in an accident in the Bay Area (or elsewhere), you want to follow best practices not only to ensure that you and your passengers receive prompt medical care but also to protect your rights in any subsequent legal or insurance actions. Medical attention and preventing legal troubles should be addressed before assessing your vehicle for auto body damage.

Follow these 10 steps to regain control of the situation:

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The Research Is In: Newer Cars Are Safer Cars

New Cars Keep you Out of Auto Body Shops

Berkeley Auto Body RepairOver the last ten years, deaths caused by auto collisions have dropped 25%, largely because of better safety features in newer cars. Our  auto body shop is committed to staying on top of recent trends and introducing clients to these safety features; our goal, more than anything else, is to keep our customers safe. Read the rest of this entry »

Self-Driving Cars And Auto Safety

Reducing Auto Collisions With Self-Driving Cars

Auto Safety and TechnologyAfter receiving the state of California’s endorsement, Audi has begun testing self-driving cars on public roadways. Shortly after the company’s announcement, some residents welcomed the innovation while others shunned the idea and posed safety concerns. Regardless of popular opinion, self-driving cars could be here to stay. Read the rest of this entry »

Back to School Safety Tips for Motorists

Prevent Auto Collisions This Fall

Preventing Auto CollisionsAs children head back to school this fall, the volume of foot and automobile traffic will inevitably increase. This represents an exciting time for kids and parents alike; however, the added number of individuals on the roads often coincides with a higher auto collision rate. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Document an Auto Accident

You Got In An Auto Collision, Now What?

Oakland auto collision centerBefore you call various auto body shops for estimates for collision repair, spend time documenting your crash. Evidence that you collect at the scene (and shortly afterwards) can be essential, if you want to make an insurance claim and/or pursue legal action to obtain compensation for injuries or damages sustained in the crash. Here are some tips about how and what to document. Read the rest of this entry »

Safe Driving Tip: How to Eliminate Blind Spots

Preventing Auto Collisions With Proper Mirror Position

Whether somebody you love was injured in a Bay Area auto collision or you simply want to upgrade your driving skills, here is how to to eliminate (or at least minimize) the dangers of blind spots in your mirrors. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Prevent An Auto Collision By Driving Safely

Prevent Auto CollisionsSadly, Bay Area auto collision and auto body shops witness brisk business in the spring months, thanks in part to the wet and windy weather that blows in from the Pacific. We may be in the midst of a drought, but how can you drive more safely when wet weather does hit? Here are 5 tips: Read the rest of this entry »

Avoiding Bay Area Parking Lot Accidents

Perhaps a frazzled shopper dented your sedan at the mall during the holiday shopping crush. Parking lots are a common place for car accidents. To keep your car dent-free, you can benefit from practicing better parking lot safety.

To reduce your likelihood of an auto accident, minimize distractions in your vehicle as you search for a space. Turn off your radio. Stop talking to other people in the car. Avoid text messaging or chatting on your cell phone. When you focus, you will be able to react more rapidly to sudden changes in the driving environment — such as a little child running in front of your car or a distracted driver mindlessly backing out in front of you.

Next, stay away from the busiest zones in crowded lots – typically closest to the store’s entrance. Yes, you may need to sacrifice some convenience. But it is generally safer to park farther away, where there is less traffic.

Drive slowly and mindfully. Use your mirrors and cover your blind spots. Be vigilant for pedestrians, and also watch for runaway shopping carts.

After you park, switch your mental gears from “driver” to “pedestrian.” Always look both ways before stepping out between two cars.

If your car needs some auto body repair or some paint touch up work, contact the team here at Shattuck Auto for a free estimate. We can help you make cost-effective, appropriate decisions about your vehicle, and we have a reputation as trustworthy driver advocates who work closely with your auto insurance company. Call now to schedule a free estimate: 510-848-6281.