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Three Gas Saving Tips to Vastly Reduce Your Monthly Gas Expenses

Whether you drive a gas guzzling Hummer or a gas sipping Prius, every time you fill up at a Bay Area pump, your eyes go wide as you realize just how much of your salary gets siphoned into the pockets of the gas and oil companies. Short of trading your car for a skateboard — and who
wants to do that? – what can you do to cut costs without altering your driving habits or needs?

Here are 3 core ideas to implement TODAY: Read the rest of this entry »

Defending Your Life Through Smart, Defensive Driving

Defensive DrivingWhen you attended driver’s ed in the Bay Area or elsewhere, you probably learned early on that the best drivers are defensive drivers. We all – or at least most of us – remember this idea. But when some idiot in a speeding Camaro cuts us off on the freeway, our impatience and rage often overcome us, and we may do stupid things that put us at great risk for accidents.

Being a defensive driver means adopting a set of smarter, more cautious driving habits and behaviors. In some ways, it’s easier to define defensive drivers as doing the opposite of aggressive drivers.

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Aggressive drivers do things like:

  • Cause conflict on roads
  • Scare or intimidate other drivers by driving fast or driving while under the influence
  • of alcohol, narcotics, or medications
  • Tailgate
  • Blast music
  • Ignore traffic signs
  • Generally don’t pay sufficient attention to other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Change multiple lanes without signaling
  • Etc.

Defensive driving is the opposite – being conscientious, aware, and in control of your vehicle. Defensive driving involves more than just adopting good habits – it involves paying attention to the strange or dangerous actions of others and meeting these with appropriate responses. For instance, say someone veers into your lane and cuts you off. You may beep at them – not to provoke a fight, but to alert the person of your presence. Being a defensive driver doesn’t mean being a wallflower or milquetoast. It means “advocating for your driving rights” in the safest, most sensible, and most compassionate way.

To really fine tune your skills, consider taking a refresher driver’s ed courses or studying “best driving habits” online or elsewhere. It may sound silly to pay so much attention to your driving. But think about how many miles you spend behind the wheel. Auto accidents kill over 40,000 people every year and injure millions more. So it’s really worth it to spend some time thinking about how to make your driving as safe as possible
– not just for you but for other drivers.

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7 Urgent Actions to Take After Your Bay Area Car Accident

Auto Collision Accident

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Bay Area car accident victims must confront enormous responsibilities within razor thin
timeframes…all while dealing with potentially serious medical conditions. If you’ve been hurt
in a car crash, here are just a FEW of your immediate responsibilities:
  • Deal with the logistics of the aftermath of the crash (i.e. getting your car towed away
  • and repaired; filing a police report, etc)
  • Attend to medical concerns, be they simple bruises and lacerations or more serious
  • problems like concussion or broken bones;
  • Help others around you, including injured passengers or other drivers who got hurt;
  • Deal with interested third parties, such as the police, insurance adjusters, your own
  • insurance company, and possibly a Bay Area accident law firm;
  • Deal with the emotional, logistical, and financial confusion created by the accident;
  • Face long-term challenges, such as rehab or a personal injury lawsuit.
To that end, here are some action items — stuff to do following a crash. This is not a complete
guide, nor is it a legal advice. But it should be a good start to get you thinking:
1. Check for injuries.
If you or a passenger or someone in another car (or pedestrian) even suspects injury, get
medical attention. The endorphins that our brains release in the wake of traumatic events,
like Bay Area car accidents, can fool us into believing that we are “less injured” than we
actually are. The safe bet is to get medical help.
2. Call the police and file a police report.
Even if no one seems “that hurt,” it’s better to be safe than sorry. A police report can be
powerful evidence if you ever need to file a claim or file a personal injury lawsuit.
3. Exchange information with all relevant parties.
These can include witnesses, pedestrians and other drivers involved. Collect as much
information as possible – license plate numbers; the make, model and color of vehicles
involved; names, phone numbers and email addresses; insurance information, etc.
4. Collect witness statements.
Especially make note if anyone involved in the accident says something to the effect of “I’m
sorry I bumped you.” Or “I really should have watched where I was going, but I was on my
cell phone.” Journal your own experiences quickly soon after the accident.
5. File an insurance claim.
Don’t wait too long to connect with your agent.
6. Connect with an attorney.
If you suspect that another driver or pedestrian might have responsible for what happened –
– or even if you suspect that poor road design or some other obscure cause might have been
involved — call a good local lawyer.
7. Find an auto shop near you.
A good shop can provide services and quality parts at a fair price.
If you need help with auto collision repair in Oakland, Berkeley or anywhere else in the East
Bay region, connect with the team at Shattuck Auto Collision Center. Since 1965, we have been
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What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)? Awesome Science Fiction…or Awesome Reality?

Paintless dent removal, also known as PDR, is a powerful set of techniques that repair shops can use to fix dents in your car or truck. PDR can fix dents as large as a football.

When customers first learn about PDR, they are often blown away by its advantages:

  • Lower cost (generally)
  • No new paint required
  • Ideal for fixing large bumps and dings (e.g. damage caused by hail or rocks)
  • Fast turnaround time (often under an hour)
  • No risk of incorrect matching of colors;
  • No risk of over spraying paint;
  • Depending on the tools, techniques, and auto technician skills deployed, PDR can eliminate dents without sanding, filler, or painting over the dent.

Paintless dent repair was once the province of a few specialized auto shops. Today, it is being
heralded by large auto insurance companies, repair shops, and a growing legion of satisfied
customers, all of whom swear that the process marks a watershed event for the repair industry.

This isn’t to say the traditional body shop techniques are irrelevant. Indeed, paintless dent repair
is not necessarily the only or best solution.

PDR may not be appropriate in the following conditions:

  • If the paint on your car or truck is cracked;
  • If you have a dent near a panel’s edge;
  • If you are trying to repair an older vehicle (made before 1990);
  • If you have an extremely large dent or complicated damage.

PDR requires patience, proper technique, and powerful technologies. Your technician will
massage the warped metal back to normal using specialized tools — similar to how a masseuse
might massage away a knot in your back.

If you are in the Bay Area, and you want to learn more about paintless dent removal or discover
other tips, tools, and techniques to solve your auto damage problems, connect with the team
here at Shattuck Auto Collision Center.

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