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Three Gas Saving Tips to Vastly Reduce Your Monthly Gas Expenses

Whether you drive a gas guzzling Hummer or a gas sipping Prius, every time you fill up at a Bay Area pump, your eyes go wide as you realize just how much of your salary gets siphoned into the pockets of the gas and oil companies. Short of trading your car for a skateboard — and who
wants to do that? – what can you do to cut costs without altering your driving habits or needs?

Here are 3 core ideas to implement TODAY:
1. Get your tire pressure checked!

If your tires are suboptimally inflated – either inflated too much or not inflated enough – your car will require more force to move. Imagine if you had to roll two tires across a sidewalk: one tire is correctly inflated and one is deflated. Which tire would be easier for you to push? Obviously the inflated one! The same is true for your engine. Hence, even a little bit of under-inflation can cost you tens of dollars a month, depending on how much you drive.

2. Avoid jerky changes in speed and acceleration.

As any physics student will tell you, the force required to move an object is equal to its change in momentum. What this means is that, if your car constantly changes velocity, you will need more force, and you will need to burn more gasoline to generate that force. So if you want to cut down on your gasoline consumption, the answer is pretty straightforward: just drive more consistently – avoid sudden starts and stops, avoid speeding, etc.

3. Maintain your car parts!

A quick tune up of your automobile can lead to profound efficiency for your gas mileage. Dirty, worn-down, or broken components can cause all sorts of combustion problems, friction problems …not to mention safety hazards. Getting a thorough, regular checkup is the best way to ensure your vehicle is running at an efficient level and achieving your maximum MPG possible.

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