3 Quick Tips To Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Great
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3 Quick Tips To Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Great


Tips from an East Bay Auto Body Shop

Keeping your car’s paint in good shape is essential as it gives your car its signature look and protects the metal underneath it. In this blog post, our East Bay auto painting experts explain three ways to keep your car’s paint looking great.

Carefully Wash Your Car
Washing a car is a basic maintenance step that anyone can do. You’ll see many more benefits from it if you do it the right way, though, as outlined in this article from Popular Mechanics. That means acquiring car-safe products like a wash mitt and soap designed for use with auto paint.

Rinse your car first, and then give it a scrub with your auto-friendly supplies. When you’re done, dry the car off. Again, use products that won’t damage the car’s paint. A sheepskin chamois or a cotton cloth is a good choice for this step. Avoid scratchy materials.

Protect the Paint from the Sun
It’s common knowledge that the sun can harm people’s skin, but it’s not friendly to cars either. Any Oakland auto painting expert will tell you that the sun can cause surprising amounts of damage to a car’s paint, especially in sunny California. It’s impossible to avoid exposing your car to the sun when you’re driving around; however, you can take steps to protect it. Try parking in shaded areas; ideally in a garage. If you don’t have access to a shady parking spot, you might want to invest in a car cover. Be sure to buy one that features UV protection.

Do Wax, Don’t Polish
Polish and wax can both give your car a shiny, refreshed look, but only one is actually good for your car’s paint. Instead of helping protect your car’s paint, polish strips a thin layer of it away. Waxing serves the opposite function: It adds a protective layer, making it a better choice for increasing the longevity of your car’s paint job. Still, Piedmont auto painting professionals advise against the overuse of wax: Applying too much of it can create an overabundance of layers, damaging the paint’s appearance.

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