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Auto Body Shops: Choosing Quality and Spotting Errors

What to Look for When Having Auto Body Repair Done

auto-body-repair-adjuster-assessing-damagePerhaps a careless motorist backed into you in the parking lot of your local Bay Area Whole Foods; or maybe a tired trucker sideswiped your vehicle on the freeway, damaging your vehicle’s body and scraping away paint. In either case, when you need auto body repair, you want to be sure that you obtain quality services for an affordable price. However, with so many different Bay Area body shops offering similar auto repair services, selecting the right provider can be a challenge.

To ensure that you choose an ethical, quality auto body shop, opt for an ASE & I-CAR certified facility with a solid, proven reputation for customer satisfaction. The facility should also offer a clear warranty on the services it provides. The shop should be willing to stand by its work and resolve any problems you may experience, and you should feel comfortable that it will honor such an agreement without hassle.

Regardless of the facility you choose, always inspect your vehicle with someone at the body shop before the service, then again after the job is complete. Some of the most common things to look for include:

1. Failure to align the vehicle’s wheels or panels

Failing to align wheels creates problems with tire wear, drivability, gas mileage, and safety. Poorly aligned panels will be noticeable as the lines of the vehicle will not be consistent.

2. Failure to install removed equipment properly

You may notice that seams around body panels are loose with exterior equipment, you may also experience noises if items are not secured as they were from the manufacturer.

3. Auto painting mistakes

Mismatched paint colors or failure to mask unpainted areas properly before painting can drastically affect the appearance of your vehicle and the resale value, should you want to sell down the road. Additionally poor paint application can lead to early failure of your vehicles paint and early weathering, and even rust if bare metal is present.

If you identify an error or what appears to be an error, take a picture of it, and write down exactly what you’ve seen or experienced. Then take your car back to the shop as soon as possible to get the problem fixed.

A Quality Auto Body Shop with a Good Reputation Will Make the Process Easy for You

At Shattuck Auto, we pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and great customer care. Many car insurance providers and luxury automakers refer their Bay Area customers to us for quality auto body work. Learn more about us online, or call (510) 848-6281 today for a free estimate on your job!

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