4 Causes of Major Car Accidents in Oakland
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4 Causes of Major Car Accidents in Oakland

In an ideal world, no driver would ever need the services of an Oakland auto body repair shop, like Shattuck Auto Collision Center. Unfortunately, accidents happen. 

By James Salmon via Wikimedia CommonsWhen they do happen, drivers need to turn to shops like ours to fix up dents, dings, and deeper structural damage. If you’ve recently been in a serious crash, you’re probably yearning to learn core principles to minimize your risk of future accidents. To that end, here are four extremely common causes of major car crashes in Oakland and beyond.

1. Distraction behind the wheel.

According to recent surveys, distracted driving has surpassed speeding and drunk driving as the top cause of crashes in the United States. We live in an attention deficit society. Drivers find themselves distracted by cell phones, other passengers, the radio, and even their own thoughts.

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2. Going too fast.

Speeding leads to disaster for the same reason that distracted driving does: it reduces the amount of time that you have to react intelligently to surprising road conditions. For instance, if you’re following a vehicle too closely, and that vehicle slams on the brakes because the other driver spots a deer in the road, you may not have time to swerve or brake to avoid a rear-end collision.

3. DUI driving and other forms of reckless/careless driving.

If you’re driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, or other illegal substances–or if you drive while fatigued, angry, or otherwise incapacitated–you will be apt to take more risks, and those risks will increase your likelihood of getting into collisions.

4. Inclement weather/bad road conditions.

It’s no secret that California’s road infrastructure has decayed over the past several decades. Potholes, poor signage, badly marked intersections, and slick precipitation can all increase your likelihood of getting into a collision.

If someone you love recently got hurt or suffered vehicle damage in a Bay Area accident, connect with the Berkeley auto body shop professionals today here at Shattuck Auto for help rebuilding your vehicle and regaining peace of mind. Our team is renowned for its high integrity, immaculate service, and deep knowledge of auto repair. We use top flight technologies and tools to ensure that our customers get excellent work every time.

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