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Benefits of Waxing Your Car Regularly

Reasons to Wax Your Car this Summer

waxing-the-car-web-600In order to keep your car looking brand new and fresh, waxing it regularly is the key. Over the last decade or so, many car owners have felt that there is actually little to no need in waxing your vehicle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Auto painting is a delicate and precise process–therefore waxing your car 2-3 times a year will help your car look like it is “fresh off of the lot” which will make you happy, too! There are a variety of reasons as to why car waxing is necessary when it comes to car ownership. These following two reasons are the most important to keep in mind.

1. Waxing your car regularly protects the paint. Car wax acts as another coat of sacrificial paint. With a coat of wax, whenever you wash your vehicle, this extra layer will allow bird poop and other debris to wash off easily. Why not have them occur on top of the wax instead of the actual paint job? Retouching or repainting your car at a local auto body shop could solve any sort of paint damage; however this can be a very expensive alternative. Also, over time, oxidation–which happens when heat and oxidation combine–will deteriorate even the highest quality of paint jobs. A solid car waxing annually will prolong the life of your paint job, which could add to its resale value in the future.

2. Maintaining the beauty of your car is easy, as long as you wax it regularly. Not waxing your car on an annual basis (at the least) and allowing oxidation to set in will inevitably cause your car too look dull and lose its shine. Waxing regularly will prevent this from happening and help you avoid future expenses for revitalizing the look of your car. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your paint job may be, chips and scratches on the paint will occur. If there’s a scratch on the wax, it can be removed with a simple car wash. Also, if there is already a scratch on the actual paint, wax will fill it and hide any blemishes. Waxing is a comparatively inexpensive to repainting your vehicle in the long run.

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