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Safe Driving Tip: How to Eliminate Blind Spots

Preventing Auto Collisions With Proper Mirror Position

Whether somebody you love was injured in a Bay Area auto collision or you simply want to upgrade your driving skills, here is how to to eliminate (or at least minimize) the dangers of blind spots in your mirrors.

auto collision preventionAccording to a 1995 paper published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), “blind spots” in side mirrors can be eliminated — or at least managed much better — by pivoting the side view mirrors far outward. Ideally, you want their field of view to overlap the field of view of the rear view mirror. This way, you get a continuous perspective of the road behind you. It’s really as simple as that!

By making this change, you can avoid having to look over your shoulder every time you want to change lanes. (You still might want to look, out of an abundance of caution).

But if the SAE solved this engineering problem nearly 20 years ago, then why do so many people still use conventional mirror set ups — ones that lead to blind spots?

The main problem, apparently, is tradition.

Drivers are used to seeing their own vehicles in side view mirrors. They may feel uncomfortable or disoriented just seeing the rear field of view. But although such a transition may seem “weird” at first, over time, drivers get used to it, and they enjoy an added level of safety.

By changing your side view mirrors to allow in a fuller field of view, you might reduce your likelihood of getting into a sideswipe crash by 1%. If you add that up over a lifetime of driving — it can be a substantial advantage.

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