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Avoiding Bay Area Parking Lot Accidents

Perhaps a frazzled shopper dented your sedan at the mall during the holiday shopping crush. Parking lots are a common place for car accidents. To keep your car dent-free, you can benefit from practicing better parking lot safety.

To reduce your likelihood of an auto accident, minimize distractions in your vehicle as you search for a space. Turn off your radio. Stop talking to other people in the car. Avoid text messaging or chatting on your cell phone. When you focus, you will be able to react more rapidly to sudden changes in the driving environment — such as a little child running in front of your car or a distracted driver mindlessly backing out in front of you.

Next, stay away from the busiest zones in crowded lots – typically closest to the store’s entrance. Yes, you may need to sacrifice some convenience. But it is generally safer to park farther away, where there is less traffic.

Drive slowly and mindfully. Use your mirrors and cover your blind spots. Be vigilant for pedestrians, and also watch for runaway shopping carts.

After you park, switch your mental gears from “driver” to “pedestrian.” Always look both ways before stepping out between two cars.

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