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Preventing Bay Area Auto Collisions

4 Tips for Avoiding Auto Collisions

collision repair service OaklandIn an ideal world, no one would need a collision repair service, because all drivers would be mindful and safe at all times. Unfortunately, auto collisions in the Bay Area are inevitable.

However, the smart application of anti-crash safety tips can reduce your likelihood of getting hurt in a crash or damaging your vehicle. Edmunds.com, a respected national leader in automotive safety journalism, recently compiled a list of safety tips. Let’s review the most helpful and interesting.

First off, the Edmunds team tells drivers to minimize the use of the left lane, a.k.a. “the fast lane.” The left lane offers only just one “escape route”– towards the middle lane. The center and right lanes both offer more flexibility, allowing drivers to respond more fluently and diversely in emergencies.

Many of the tips boil down to “pay attention to your surroundings.” Drivers should scan the area ahead and maintain hands at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position (or the 10 o’clock/2 o’clock position) for maximum control and responsivity.

One lesser-known tip is to obtain what Edmunds calls “racecar driver control of the wheel.” Do this by sitting close enough to the wheel that you can rest your wrist on top of it while your back is against the seat. This compact position will allow you to respond to any split-second emergency maneuvers. As any collision expert will tell you, the difference between a near-miss and a fatal, destructive collision can be just a few milliseconds. A slight advantage can be huge.

Bay Area Collision Repair Services

Lastly, make sure to get your car in a tiptop shape. First of all, repair damage that’s already been done to your car by calling our  auto body shop for a thorough estimate. Then establish a good maintenance program going forward, so that your vehicle continues to run at its optimum. Contact Shattuck Auto for your auto body repair needs today: 510-848-6281.

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