Professional Auto Care Tips for the Rainy Season
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Professional Auto Care Tips for the Rainy Season

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Berkeley Auto Collision Center Talks Car Care Tips

With the approaching rainy season, it is more important than ever that you are able to properly maintain your car. Not sure what’s involved with rainy season car maintenance? We’ll run through some of the most important considerations for you below.

1. Keep It Clean

You might not think that rain can hurt your car, but it can do a number on the finish. Rain contains more than just water – it’s filled with minerals and other contaminants. There’s also the chance that you’re dealing with acid rain, which can etch the paint over time. Wash and dry your car, and then store it in the garage to avoid a premature trip to a Berkeley auto paint shop. When you wash it, use an automotive soap, not dish soap or any other solvent. Drying should be done with a decent-quality drying chamois or microfiber cleaning cloth.

2. Check Door and Window Seals

You want to stay warm and dry while on the road in the rain. That requires having good door and window seals. Periodically, check the rubber gasket on the inside of each door (and sunroof) for nicks, cuts, and other signs of damage that might allow water to leak in. If you notice damage, an auto body shop can install a new gasket.

3. Wax It Regularly

Rain and washing will eventually wear through your protective coating of wax, so make sure you reapply it regularly. As a note, always use a good quality auto wax. You do get what you pay for here.

4. Protect the Interior

The rainy season is not only a threat to your car’s exterior, but also to its interior. Make sure you take steps to protect the insides – wipe off plastic or rubber floor mats regularly, and give fabric ones a thorough drying and vacuuming. If you must frequently get into and out of your car while wet, it might be worth investing in plastic seat covers. These are made from very thin plastic, and are disposable, but they can do a great job of helping to keep your seats dry.

5. Check Your Tires

Driving in the rain requires good traction on the road. If your tires are not up to the task, you could find yourself in need of collision repair service. Skip the accident repairs by checking the tread depth on your tires. If the tread is low, consider replacing them ASAP. If you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall regularly, you might want to consider investing in a set of tires designed to move larger volumes of water out of the way. You should also make sure that your tires are properly inflated – don’t rely on your dash pressure warning light. Manually check the pressure at least once per month.

Contact a Qualified Auto Body Repair Tech Today

With the right care and maintenance, your car will look great and stay protected from the threats that the rainy season produces. The key is to take a proactive stance – don’t wait for problems to appear. Contact Shattuck Auto Collision Center anytime to see what a qualified professional can do for your car.

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