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Berkeley Auto Repair Experts Offer Car Paint Care Tips

Whether your classic Corvette got totaled in a horrific accident; or your beloved Prius got battered by years of dings, scratches, and kid-related wear and tear, you’d like to minimize the cost of your Berkeley auto repair project.

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Here are 4 auto paint care myths:

Myth #1: Carnauba wax is the best; aim for “100% pure” carnauba, if possible.

Reality: First of all, most so-called “100% carnauba” waxes are anything but. Pure carnauba is extremely hard; it needs to be tempered with other substances. Secondly, while carnauba can be great, many synthetic polymers can be vastly superior for different types of situations.

Myth #2: A glossy finish means “job well done.”

Reality: Glossiness can be a good sign — just as a sun tan can be a sign that a person is healthy. But it’s only one sign. In and of itself, it does not provide enough information. To understand your paint’s condition, you need to touch and feel it. You might find sap, grit, or other substances that don’t necessarily interfere with reflectivity but which could harm the paint.

Myth #3: If you use a clear coat finish, you don’t need to wax at the end.

Reality: Clear coat finishes offer extra resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet light. But they can still be contaminated and broken down by debris, grit, and intense enough UV radiation (they are UV resistant, not UV immune).

Myth #4: Factory paints are at high risk for oxidative damage.

Reality: This can be true, if your car is a decade old or older. On newer models — particularly cars built/painted in the past three years or so — the factory likely used UV resistant chemicals.

To make sense of your car painting options, connect with the team here at Shattuck Auto now for a free estimate and discussion about best auto body repair practices — not just for dealing with your current job but also for ensuring excellent performance going forward.

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