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Fender Bender? Here Are 4 Auto Body Repair Tips To Keep In Mind

Tips for Dealing with Your Auto Collision Center

auto-body-collision-repair-piedmontPerhaps a careless driver on the 101 sideswiped your vehicle near an exit ramp, or maybe a fatigued truck driver jackknifed in front of you, forcing you off the road and into the curb. Whether you need repairs for major damage or just a few dents and scratches, here are four tips to ensure a quality auto body repair job:

1. Ask for estimates.

Even if your insurance company recommends a certain auto collision center, the choice is still ultimately yours. Request estimates from several shops in your area to get the best price. Get written copies of these estimates, and make sure everything is itemized in detail.

2. Inquire about parts.

Before you choose an auto body shop, find out where the parts come from. Parts can be new, used or aftermarket. In general, avoid shops that use aftermarket parts. The vehicle manufacturer did not make such parts; thus, they’re likely to be inferior or not designed for your specific application. (You might be able to get a lower price when you order cheaper parts, but do you want to put yourself and other drivers at risk? Also, this practice of going for the cheapest option can come back to haunt you, if/when the parts break or degrade prematurely.)

3. Check the repair shop’s work.

When you pick up your vehicle from the shop, inspect it to make sure all of the requested repairs have been completed properly. Start the engine, and make sure none of the warning lights are illuminated. Check each new part to make sure that it is installed securely and that it matches the rest of your vehicle. If you notice any problems, bring them to the attention of the staff immediately.

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