How Much Will Insurance Pay For Auto Body Repair?
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How Much Will Insurance Pay For Auto Body Repair?

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Our Oakland Auto Collision Center Weighs-In

Car accidents are one of the biggest hassles a driver can ever go through, especially when trying to recoup financial losses. Whether you are dealing with a minor bender fender or your car is totaled, it’s important to be aware of what to expect from your insurance company.

You should report the accident to your insurer as soon as you can. Your insurer will provide you with a list of their preferred auto body shops. However, you can choose to have the car repaired at your preferred Oakland auto body shop as long as their prices fall within what your insurer is willing to pay.

In most cases, the amount your insurer will be willing to pay depends on the type of insurance coverage you’ve purchased.

Types of insurance coverage that could cater to your car repairs

These insurance policies might not be required by the law, but will come in handy in case of an accident.

  • Comprehensive insurance – this covers repairs that occur as a result of natural disasters, theft, vandalism, falling objects, hitting an animal, acts of nature, and so on. In case your vehicle needs replacing, you will be reimbursed the actual cash value of the car minus the deductible.
  • Collision insurance – this covers you against the costs of repairing or replacing parts of your car after a collision. You’ll need to have the insurance policy in place before the accident happened.

How much will my insurer pay towards my vehicle repairs?

Even if you’ve taken a comprehensive insurance policy, your insurer may only be able to pay only a part of the total repair cost. When this happens, you’ll need to negotiate and likely pay for the difference in cost. This could be as a result of your deductible which applies to all car insurance policies irrespective of the company.

Your deductible is a pre-determined amount of money which you have to pay out-of-pocket before a claim is settled. In most cases, deductibles are $250, $500 or even $1,000 dollars depending on one’s coverage.

Should this be the case, try negotiating with your insurance company and auto repair company. If your auto shop doesn’t budge, try looking for a cheaper alternative. If you still get a higher estimate, you might have to pay the extra amount.

Looking for Auto Body Repair in Oakland?

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