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How To Fix Paint Scratches On Your Car

How To Fix Minor Paint Scratches On Your Car

minor paint scratch fixes
Regardless of whether you drive around in a new or used car, discovering a scratch can send you spiraling into frustration. This is why we’ve brought you a short guide on how to fix simple car paint scratches at home, which you can easily follow for a like-new paint job in a short period of time.

Clear-coat scratch

This happens to be a type of scratch that doesn’t penetrate the clear coat and go inside of the color. It only leaves behind areas of low gloss or texture that can be easily polished out using a compound. While the procedure may remove some of that clear coating, it can also be fixed by respraying a protective top layer.

How to do it

Step 1: First, adequately clean the surface dirt and mask out the nearby trims using tape if it’s specially made of chromed plastic. Apply a very little amount of polishing compound to the pad that’s included, or try to using microfiber or terry cloth.

Step 2: Polish the desired area, and after taking a couple of dozen strokes, use a clean cloth to pat the area dry. See how much progress you’ve made, and don’t be afraid to repeat if necessary.

Base coat/ Primer scratch

This is a more intense form of scratch, and you need perfectly-matching paint to fix it. The procedure is similar to the one used to repair a clear coat scratch, and involves brushing in a primer layer first and then sanding the overrun if it only covers the base of the scratch.

Step 1: Begin by clearing the panel using a solvent to remove any wax or oils. Then carefully apply color or primer to the scratch. Overlapping paint in the damaged area is inevitable, but you can minimize it by being extra careful.

Step 2: Let the paint stay over overnight. Using a rubber block or back of a sponge, do some serious sanding until any paint remaining on the surface is gone.

Step 3: Use a compound to bring back the gloss into the damaged area, which will also keep the sanded areas contained.

Step 4: In case you have low spots, apply more paint and repeat until the scratch is leveled and finished. Avoid waxing for 30 days to allow the solvents to set.

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Even though there are many tips about DIY methods of fixing car scratches available on the web, failing to do the job properly may leave your car’s paint job looking even worse. You may, however, go to an East Bay auto body shop to get it done by a professional. Shattuck Auto Collision Center has expert Berkeley auto painting professionals to do the paint matching for you, ensuring that the job gets done right the first time. Give us a call today at 510-848-6281 or fill out our online contact form for a quote.

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