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Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Shape

toyota-maintenance-checklistGeneral Car Maintenance Tips from an East Bay Auto Collision Repair Shop

A reliable car should be safe and effectively maintained to hold its value and maintain its safety. Cars are an investment and should be treated with care, both inside and out. Our Berkeley auto body shop offers some tips for getting the most from your vehicle.

General Maintenance

  • Check your oil levels frequently, and change the oil as needed. These simple actions can extend the life of your engine (and related components) significantly.
  • Wash the underside of the car to remove salt and grime.
  • Check tire pressure regularly to achieve the best fuel economy and avoid flats or blow outs on the freeway.
  • Check your tire treads, and replace them if needed, especially before the winter or rainy seasons.

Engine Care

  • Check coolant levels, and flush/change the coolant once a year to prevent corrosion and the buildup of deposits.
  • Keep all moving parts lubricated with appropriate type and viscosity of oils, including your transmission fluid.
  • Check your belts for wear and tear every 25,000 miles, and consider replacing them every 50,000 miles.


  • Clean brake dust off wheels with a damp sponge and cold water; otherwise, the grime on the underside of the car will bake onto the metal and become difficult to remove.
  • Replace brake fluid, and bleed the system once a year; brake fluid attracts moisture, which can cause components to corrode and fail.

Body Care

  • Apply a coat of high-quality wax to protect your car’s finish and make cleaning easier.
  • Remove bird droppings from your car’s paint as soon as possible to avoid dull spots on the paint.

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