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Step-by-Step Guide: What to Do When You’re in an Auto Collision

What to do after an Auto Accident

step-by-step guide on what to do when you get in an auto accident

If you have been involved in an accident in the Bay Area (or elsewhere), you want to follow best practices not only to ensure that you and your passengers receive prompt medical care but also to protect your rights in any subsequent legal or insurance actions. Medical attention and preventing legal troubles should be addressed before assessing your vehicle for auto body damage.

Follow these 10 steps to regain control of the situation:

1. Stay with your vehicle.

2. Check to see if anyone is hurt.

3. If any passengers or other drivers are hurt, call 911 to get medical help immediately.

4. Obtain appropriate information from the other people at the scene. Write down the license plate numbers of any other vehicles involved in the accident, as well as the other driver’s license number and his or her insurance company name and policy number. Also, record the names, addresses and contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) of the driver and any passengers and witnesses.

5. Offer the information listed in #4 to the other driver(s), but confine the information sharing to those items. Don’t say anything that might suggest you were at fault.

6. Obtain information from police. If police officers come to the scene, record their names and badge numbers, and take a copy of the accident report.

7. Take pictures. Use your cell phone or a camera (if you have one) to snap photos of any auto body damage as well as injuries to passengers.

8. Call Insurance and legal consult if necessary. Call your insurance company, and consider also calling a qualified personal injury attorney if you or someone involved got hurt, even in a minor way.

9. Get a repair quote. Take your car to an auto collision center, or call to obtain an estimate.

10. Complete repairs. Restore the appearance of your car with a professional auto body company that provides high quality auto painting.

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