The Truth Behind These 5 Auto Body Repair Myths
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The Truth Behind These 5 Auto Body Repair Myths

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There is a very thin line between what’s true and what is not when it comes to car repair and maintenance. While some myths are pretty harmless, there are a few that can be quite destructive. In this post, we debunk the top five myths.

Myth #1: Having your car repaired in an independent repair shop voids your car’s warranty

Like most machines, vehicles have warranties that depend on certain conditions. For instance, for an engine warranty to remain valid, you need to ensure that it is serviced regularly and that its oil is changed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. While it’s not explicitly stated, most dealerships imply that taking your car to an independent repair shop voids your warranty. As long as you can prove that you are up to date with your car’s maintenance, your warranty will remain valid.

Myth #2: You have to go to the collision repair shop your insurance company chooses

While your insurer may have a list of collision repair shops you should go to, you are free to go to any as long as they are licensed. Your insurance company is required by the law to work with the auto repair shop you choose. Always choose a shop that’s experienced to perform the repairs.

Myth #3: Insurance companies always cover the cost of car repairs

The repairs your insurance company covers depend on the terms of your policy. In most cases, car insurance does not cover the cost of wear and tear. Collision insurance covers damages caused by crashes. However, these costs might not be covered if you were at fault.

Myth #4: All four tires should be replaced at the same time

You should replace individual tires as needed. Rotating them during each oil change or, when necessary, could extend their life. Also, you do not need to replace a punctured tire as long as it is only damaged on the sidewall.

Myth #5: The standard mileage for an oil change is 3,000 miles

This notion was true some time back, but it is slowly receding into a myth as newer and more efficient cars get to the market. Modern car manufacturers no longer list specific mileages. Instead, oil-life monitors alert the driver when the vehicle is due for an oil change. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding oil changes.

We can Answer All your Auto Body Repair Questions

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